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PADI Open Water Diver

To enroll in a PADI Open Water Diver course, you must be 10 years old or older. You need adequate swimming skills and need to be in good physical health. No prior experience with scuba diving is required.

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MDA 5-Star Club

The MDA 5-Star Club is for divers seeking adventure!  It includes discounts at all MDA locations, preferred rates on rentals and air fills, special club rates on diving and discounts at our sponsor businesses all over Guam.

DateTimeDive Site(s)MarinaCertificationTypeBoat Dive #
05.24.20198:00amBlue Hole Drift & American TankerCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-555
05.24.20196:30pmLight Up The Tokai CabrasAdvancedDive - one tank19-548
05.25.20198:00amAmphitheater & The ScotiaCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-549
05.25.20191:30pmLuminao Reef & Barge ReefCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-550
05.26.20198:00amCrevice Drift & Barracuda RockCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-551
05.26.20191:30pmBoulder Alley Drift & Finger ReefCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-552
05.26.20191:30pmWreck Diver's SpecialCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-553
05.27.20198:00am*MEMORIAL DAY DIVE*
Blue Hole & American Tanker
CabrasAnyDive - two tank19-554
8:00amBLUE HOLE DRIFT & VECKIES REEFCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-631
06.01.20191:30pmSHARKS PIT DRIFT & THE GLASS BREAKWATERCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-632
06.02.20198:00amTHE WALL DRIFT & AMERICAN TANKERCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-633
06.02.20191:30pmLUMINAO REEF & FINGER REEFCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-634
06.02.20191:30pmWRECK DIVERS SPECIALCabrasAdvanceDive - two tank19-635
06.07.20196:30pmLIGHT UP THE TOKAICabrasAdvanceDive - one tank19-636
06.08.20198:00amPATI POINT & SCUBA CUTAganaRescueDive - two tank19-637
06.08.20191:30pmHOSPITAL POINT & AGANA BAYAganaAnyDive - two tank19-638
06.09.20197:30amOCTOPUS REEF & TANGUISSONAganaAnyDive - two tank19-639
06.09.20191:30pmTWO LOVERS POINT & TUMON BAYAganaAnyDive - two tank19-640
06.09.20191:30pmAMERICAN TANKER & FINGER REEFCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-641
06.15.20198:00amAMPHITHEATER DRIFT & SEABEE JUNKYARDCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-642
06.15.20191:30pmBARRACUDA ROCK DRIFT & WESTERN SHOALSCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-643
06.16.20198:00amBLUE AND WHITE & BARGE REEFCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-644
06.16.20191:30pmLUMINAO DRIFT & HARLEY REEFCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-645
06.16.20191:30pmWRECK DIVERS SPECIALCabrasAdvanceDive - two tank19-646
06.21.20196:30pmLIGHT UP FINGER REEF W/ YYZMENECabrasAnyDive - one tank19-647
06.22.20197:00amPATI POINT & SCUBA CUTAganaRescueDive - two tank19-648
06.22.20191:30pmHILTON WALL & GUN BEACHAganaAnyDive - two tank19-649
06.23.20197:30amNAPOLEAN CUT & TUNNELAganaAnyDive - two tank19-650
06.23.20191:30pmCAMEL ROCK & ASAN CUTAganaAnyDive - two tank19-651
06.23.20191:30pmBARRACUDA ROCK & BARGE REEFCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-652
06.29.20198:00amBLUE HOLE & HAP'S REEFAgatAnyDive - two tank19-653
06.29.20191:30pmNATHAN'S DENT & CORAL GARDENSAgatAnyDive - two tank19-654
06.30.20198:00amCREVICE DRIFT & ANAE CAVERNS AgatAnyDive - two tank19-655
06.30.20191:30pmPETE's REEF & FISHBOWL AgatAnyDive - two tank19-656
06.30.20191:30pmWRECK DIVERS SPECIALCabrasAdvanceDive - two tank19-657
07.05.20196:30pmLight Up Barge ReefCabrasAnyDive - one tank19-732
07.06.20197:00amPati Point & Scuba CutAganaRescueDive - two tank19-733
07.06.20191:30pmBig Blue & Agana BayAganaAnyDive - two tank19-734
07.07.20198:00amNorthern Caves & Gun BeachAganaAdvanceDive - two tank19-735
07.07.20191:30pmTwo Lover's Point & Tumon BayAganaAnyDive - two tank19-736
07.07.20191:30pmWreck Diver's SpecialCabrasAdvanceDive - two tank19-737
07.13.20198:00amAmphitheater & SeaBee JunkyardCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-738
07.13.20191:30pmBarracuda Rock & American Tanker CabrasAnyDive - two tank19-739
07.14.20198:00amKitsugawa MaruCabrasAdvanceDive - one tank19-740
07.14.201910:00amLuminao Drift & Glass Breakwater DriftCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-741
07.14.20191:30pmBlue and White & Dog Leg ReefCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-742
07.19.20196:30pmLight Up The American TankerCabrasAnyDive - one tank19-743
07.20.20197:00am11 Mile Reef & Cocos WestAgatRescueDive - two tank19-744
07.20.20191:30pm*Women’s Dive Day* Nathan's Dent & Coral GardensAgatAnyDive - two tank19-745
07.21.20198:00amThe Wall & Anane Caverns AgatAnyDive - two tank19-746
07.21.20191:30pmTarzan Cave & Haps ReefAgatAnyDive - two tank19-747
07.21.20191:30pmThe Wreck Diver's SpecialCabrasAdvanceDive - two tank19-748
07.27.20198:00amBlue Hole Drift & American TankerCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-749
07.27.20191:30pmSharks Pit Drift & Harley ReefCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-750
07.28.20198:00amCrevice Drift & Spanish StepsCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-751
07.28.20191:30pmBoulder Alley & Barge ReefCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-752
07.28.20191:30pmAmerican Tanker & Western ShoalsCabrasAnyDive - two tank19-753