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MDA 5-Star Club

The MDA 5-Star Club is for divers seeking adventure!  It includes discounts at all MDA locations, preferred rates on rentals and air fills, special club rates on diving and discounts at our sponsor businesses all over Guam.


Chuuk Lagoon is the world’s #1 dive destination for wreck divers, with over 60 wrecks that can be accessed by both recreational and technical divers. Reef fans will be equally fascinated by the enormous amount of colorful soft and hard corals that cover Chuuk’s wrecks. These incredible ship-shaped reefs are healthy and teeming with marine life. Most are easy dives and require only an Open Water certification. Advanced and tech diving are also readily available for those certified.

Chuuk is full of WW2 history and has diving that appeases both wreck and reef lovers alike. Look for info on “Operation Hailstone” to learn the interesting story of the wrecks of Chuuk Lagoon.


United Airlines flies round trip to Chuuk four times a week.

Outgoing (Guam to Chuuk):
Mon/Wed/Fri mornings & Sun evening.

Return (Chuuk to Guam):
Tue/Thu/Sat afternoons & Mon very early AM.

Culture & Local Customs – Chuuk is primarily a divers destination. The islands are beautiful but undeveloped and almost entirely privately owned, leaving very little room to explore. Land tours are possible but need to be planned through your tour operator. Non-divers can join dive boats as a rider or snorkeler but there will be little for them to do on land. There are no shopping/tourist areas beyond your dive resort.

Attire – If you do choose to venture beyond your dive resort please dress conservatively. Swimsuits and shorts are not acceptable outside of the resort, attire that goes to the knees and covers the shoulders is best. Swimwear can be worn on the dive boat.

If you’re traveling between Guam and Hawaii, why not take the “island hopper”? This flight stops in Chuuk, Pohnpei & Kosrae and any of these islands can be planned as an extended stopover.

Permits & Fees

Please be aware of required local permits and airport departure fees.

These must be paid in cash at your destination and are not included in travel packages.

Permits are purchased through the tour operator at your destination. Departure fees are paid at the airport upon departure.

Dive & Land permits

Required for diving and all other water activities.

  • Chuuk State Dive Permit – $50

Many islands have a variety of land tours available, some of which may require an additional permit or small donation to access private land.

  • These tend to range from $3-$10 per head but can vary.
  • Plan accordingly if you plan to do extra exploring on land.

Departure Fee

Total $40.00, applicable to all travelers.

  • Must be paid at the airport upon departure.
  • Plan to pay in cash – exact change.