Called “The Jewel of Micronesia” and “Island of the Sleeping Lady”, Kosrae is an island of rugged green peaks, pristine coral reefs and mysterious, ancient jungle ruins. Located approximately 370 miles north of the equator and just as far from its nearest island neighbor, Kosrae is the most isolated and untouched of all the islands in Micronesia.  A view of the island from sea resembles the profile of a reclining female body, giving the island its “Sleeping Lady” nickname.


Kosrae’s history includes ancient civilizations, World War 2 sites, and… pirates! Not much is left of the wooden structure, but you can still dive the wreck site and see evidence of the pirate ship Lenora, once captained by the notorious pirate, Bully Hayes. The Lenora was sunk during a typhoon in 1874.

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United Airlines flies to & from Kosrae twice a week.

Outgoing (Guam to Kosrae): Mon/Fri morning.

Return (Kosrae to Guam): Tue/Sat mid-day.

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