Palau is a world class dive destination chosen by the National Geographic Society as the first Underwater Wonder of the World. Fed by three major converging ocean currents, Palau is home to more species of marine life than any other area of similar size in the world. 350 islands & atolls host 1,300 species of fish, over 700 species of coral and more unique species than anywhere else on earth.

Palau's oceans are known world-wide for their abundance of large pelagic animals and other incredible underwater lifeforms, including giant 500-pound clams, dugongs and a lake filled with millions of stingless jellyfish.

What To Do

How To Get There

United Airlines offers one flight every day to & from Palau.

Outgoing (Guam to Palau):
Mon-Fri flights depart in the evening, around 7-8pm. Sat & Sun flights depart around 10pm.

Return (Palau to Guam):
All return flights depart Palau around 2-3am and arrive to Guam around 5-6am.

When To Go

Permits & Fees