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AUP Open Circuit Technician Course


05-22-2015 to 05-23-2015

AUP Open Circuit Technician Course - Outigger Hotel Guam - Tamuning, Guam

Whether this is your first service seminar, or you are simply keeping current, the AUP Open Circuit Technician Course is an in-depth service seminar covering the Life Support products for Oceanic and Hollis.

Course features an introduction to American Underwater Products (AUP) and covers administration (sales, warranty, and support programs), general procedures (interacting with customer and the service department requirements), and the hands-on dis/re-assembly of AUP Open Circuit equipment.

Covers AUP diaphragms (FDx10 and DC7), Balanced Piston (Px3), and Unbalanced Pistons (H02) First Stages, Balanced (EOS, 212, and Zeo), Mechanical (Delta 4, 210, and Magnetic Swiv Octo) and Servo Valve (Omega 3 and Hollis 500SE) Second Stages. Also, covers BCD (Air-XS 2 and Reliant Inflator) as well as Instrumentation annual services and inspections.

While Technicians who satisfactorily complete this course will be authorized to service all AUP Open Circuit Life Support products. Note: the distributions of parts is restricted to active, brand specific, accounts in good standing.

Pre-requisite required for this course: None

This course is a pre-requisite for: the Hollis Explorer ESR and Prism 2 CCR Technician Courses. As well as registration into upcoming web-based AUP technician site containing: service procedures, product, service, and training updates, and to meet upcoming parts ordering requirements.