Our closest neighbor to the north, Rota is a beautiful, quiet island with a population of about 2,500 of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Be prepared to return a wave and say hello to every person that you see. The quick, inexpensive flight from Guam makes this is an incredible place to just get away for the weekend and unwind. Zero crowd, all relaxation. Top it all off with great diving in crystal-clear water and you've got an incredible weekend that you afford to repeat.

Rota is famous locally for it’s delicious sweet potatoes. You’ll likely see sacks of them loaded on/off of the plane with your luggage. Give them a try if you have the chance.

What To Do

How To Get There

United Airlines flies to & from Rota four times a week.


Outgoing (Guam to Rota):

1 midday flight every TUE/THU/SAT/SUN. 35min direct on TUE/THU, 2hrs with a stop in Saipan on SAT/SUN.


Return (Rota to Guam):

1 midday flight every TUE/THU/SAT/SUN. 2hrs via Saipan on TUE/THU, 35min direct on SAT/SUN.

When To Travel

Permits & Fees