Guam's Dive Sites

11-Mile Reef

Agana Bay, Guam

Agana Bay

Alutom Island, MDA Guam dive site

Alutom Island

American Tanker, Guam

American Tanker

Amphitheater, Guam


Amtrak, Guam


Anae Caverns

Asan Cut

Barge Reef, Guam

Barge Reef

Barracuda Rock, Guam

Barracuda Rock

Big Blue

Bile Bay

Black Coral Kingdom

Blue & White

Blue Hole, Guam

Blue Hole

Boulder Alley, Guam

Boulder Alley

Camel Rock

Cella Bay

Cemetery Wall, Guam

Cemetery Wall

Cetti Bay, Guam

Cetti Bay

Cocos East

Cocos West

Coke Bottle Reef, Guam

Coke Bottle Reef

Coral Gardens

Crevice, Guam


Dog Leg Reef, Guam

Dog Leg Reef

Double Reef, Guam

Double Reef

Finger Reef

Fish Bowl, Guam

Fish Bowl

Fouha Bay, Guam

Fouha Bay

Gab Gab I

Gab-Gab II, Guam

Gab Gab II

Gun Beach, Guam

Gun Beach

Hap's Reef, Guam

Hap's Reef

Harley Reef, Guam

Harley Reef

Hidden Reef

Hilton Wall

Hospital Point Guam

Hospital Point

Hourglass Reef, Guam

Hourglass Reef

Kitsugawa Maru, Guam

Kitsugawa Maru

Luminao, Guam


Napoleon Cut

Nathan's Dent

Northern Caves

Octopus Reef

Palace Wall

Pati Point

Pete's Reef, Guam

Pete's Reef

Piti Bomb Holes

Piti Channel

Piti Stingrays

Ritidian Point

Scuba Santa dive

MDA Santa Dives

Scuba Cut

Seabee Junkyard, Guam

Seabee Junkyard

Sharks Pit, Guam

Sharks Pit

SMS Cormoran, Guam

SMS Cormoran

Spanish Steps

Surprise Reef, Guam

Surprise Reef

Tanguisson dive site, Guam


Tarzan Cave, Guam

Tarzan Cave

The Pinnacle

The Tunnel, Guam

The Tunnel

The Wall, Guam

The Wall

Toguan Bay, Guam

Toguan Bay

Tokai Maru

Tumon Bay, Guam

Tumon Bay

Turtle Rock, Guam

Turtle Rock

Two Lovers Point

Val Bomber

Vecki Reef

Western Shoals