Hollis Prism 2 CCR Service Technician Course | MDA

Hollis Prism 2 CCR Service Technician Course



 (Registration and attendance of "same day" Explorer Service Technician Course required)


The Hollis Prism 2 CCR Technician Course is an in-depth service seminar covering the design features and befits of the Prism 2 CCR, as well as trouble shooting and hands-on complete dis/re-assembly of the unit.

Covers the Breathing loop, scrubber bucket and basket, manual Oxygen and Diluent addition valve, 1st stage supply regulators (does not cover 02 cleaning), DSV, BOV, primary heads up display, batteries and over-pressure valves, oxygen sensors, routing board, electrical connectors and cable routing, and oxygen solenoid.

Pre-requisite required for this course: Attendee must have attended a AUP Open Circuit Technician Course and a Hollis Explorer ESR Technician Course within the past year.

Requirement: Current oxygen (02) equipment service technician certification through a recognized training agency.

Recommended: Prior familiarization with CCR rebreather as a diver or instructor.