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Explore Guam's Dive Sites

11-Mile Reef 11-Mile Reef Guam 75' upper reef west of Guam, 9 miles off Umatac Bay (11 miles from the Agat Marina). Large Pelagics, barracuda, sharks & turtles are all common here.  Strong currents & rough water are common.  Experienced divers only!
Agana Bay Agana Bay, Guam Numerous Hard and soft corals with am abundance of reef fish.  Great visibility and an occasional Manta Ray. 
American Tanker American Tanker, Guam  Apra Harbor. A huge concrete barge beginning at 50', and located right beside a shallow reef.  Popular as a beginning wreck dive.  Very easy dive for all. 
Amphitheater Amphitheater  Cabras Island, 40-130' (Boat Dive Only).  Natural curvature in drop-off with an abundance of deep water corals and marine life.  Vis 60-150', possibility of currents.
Amtrack Amtrack Reef, Guam Located just off the Agat Cemetary, the Amtrack is a old WWII personnel carrier at 40' with a colorful surrounding reef.  Popular for boat and beach divers alike.
Anae Caverns Anae Caverns A very unusual and easy dive for all. Wide caverns with side openings and exits.   No cavern diving experience necessary.  Site as also very good for snorkeling and kayaking.
Asan Cut Asan Cut, Guam Entrance / exit at this popular beach dive can be tricky, depending on the wind and sea conditions.  Hard coral islands surrounded by sand flats with schools of reef fish and an occasional Pelagic.
Barracuda Rock Barracuda Rock, Guam Orote Point, 0-50'.  A "mini" cave perfect for snorkeling and diving,  and a tunnel under a huge coral head make this a very unusual dive.  Rated very easy.  Snorkeling and kayaking along the cliffs excellent.
Big Blue Corals, Rays, Schools of Barracuda, Turtles and great visibility. This site is loaded with colorful hard corals and a variety of reef fishes. 
Bile Bay Bile Bay, Guam A favorite southern dive site near Merizo.  10-60', large caverns, a pod of spinner dolphins is almost always in the area, and a very easy dive for all.   Perfect for snorkeling and kayaking.
Black Coral Kindon Black Coral Kingdom, Guam A deep upper reef /wall covered with sea whips, fans, schooling fish, black coral and sharks, tunnels, and caves.  Extreme depths and currents make this site suitable for tech divers only.
Blue & White Blue & White, Guam An extremely clear water drop-off outside Cabras Island. Upper reef flats start at 40' with severe drop-off.  Definite possibility of currents. 
Blue Hole Blue Hole, Guam Very unusual dive on a natural limestone plateau.  A vertical shaft begins at 60' with a large "window" opening at 125'.   Drift dives possible.  Must be an experienced Deep diver to "shoot the hole".  Great vis and the 30 to 60' plateau make this a popular site for all divers.
Camel Rock Camel Rock, Guam Asan, 40-100'.   Salvage area used to dump hundreds of WWII ammunition and artifacts.  Very interesting historical dive. Leave it all there! 
Cemetary Wall Cemetery Wall, Guam Home to the Amtrak, this reef flat drops from 5 to 50', where large reef and sand flat areas can be found.  Popular for boat and beach divers alike.
Cocos East Also known as "Yellow Wall", experienced divers can discover super clear waters, pelagics, & drift along Guam's greatest walls.
Coral Gardens Agat Bay, 5-45'. Beautiful coral formations and white, sandy crevices. Perfect for beginners and a superb photographers dive.
Crevice Large "canyon" starting at 60',  visibility 100'+, Sea Fans along walls.  Schools of barracuda and some sharks occasionally seen.   Possibility of currents.
Double Reef Northern dive site.  5-60'  coral reef with  schooling fish, clear water,  and great coral formations.  Very easy for all divers & snorkelers.
Finger Reef Apra Harbor, 4-90'.  A really nice harbor reef dive for everyone.  Sloping corals with many anemones and hundreds of fish. Perfect for diving and snorkeling.
Fish Bowl Agat Bay, 5-45'. Beautiful coral formations and white, sandy crevices. Perfect for beginners and a superb photographers dive.
Fouha Bay North of Umatac Bay, features a reef flat that slopes from 40 to 90'.  Remnants of a WW2 Japanese zero (engine block w/propeller), can be found at the 60 level.  Very easy dive for all divers but requires long over-reef walk if not done from a boat.
Gab Gab I Apra Harbor, 4-90'.  A really nice harbor beach dive for everyone.  Sloping corals with many anemones and hundreds of fish. Perfect for diving and snorkeling.  Access through Navy Base Guam for shore divers
Gab Gab II Apra Harbor, 50-100' reef that's home to the Atlantis Submarine.  A chance to view the sub "from the outside".  Numerous corals, large jacks, nurse sharks  and tons of fish.
Gun Beach North Tumon Bay, popular with beach and boat divers alike.  Rich coral growth and an abundance of fish (within the Tumon Marine Preserve).  Home to several turtles and frequented by Mantas.  Depths from 5 to 120'
Hap's Reef Agat Bay, 30-60', Super dive for all...great visibility and a fantastic primer for marine life!  Covered by literally thousands of fish, the reef flat reaches up to 20 to 30'.  Surounding reef and sand flats at 40 to 65'  
Hidden Reef Near the entrance of Apra Harbor, this is a beautiful reef  located in Apra Harbor not normally visited by divers.   A great variety of pristine corals with a gradually sloping wall to 120'.  Vis usually 40-80'.
Hilton Wall Sea Fans, Schools of Barracuda and great visibility.   Sallow reef flats are loaded with colorful hard corals and a variety of reef fishes. 
Kitsugawa Maru Apra Harbor, 65-140' freighter sunk July 44' sitting upright on bottom. Large bow gun.  Vis 15-40'.  Wreck is 80% intact.  Masts begin at 60'. Must be Advanced Certified with Deep experience to enjoy this boat dive.
Napoleon Cut Northern reef from 10-120'   Sloping wall with sand channels, overhangs, and small sharks, cuda's, and unusual rock formations.  Named for the occasional Napoleon Wrasse that may be seen here.
Nathan's Dent A great site just south of Facpi. 30-80' sand flats, small caves, coral islands.  Very easy dive for all. Scorpion fish, shells, lionfish.
Northern Caves South of Haputo Beach, an entrance at 25' that goes into a large opening in the cliff line with a exit point at the surface (no light needed).  Easy for all divers. 
Octopus Reef North site near Uruno point, 15-110'.  Lots of surge channels with vertical walls, tunnels, and steep Amphitheatre-like slope.  Numerous octopus, large wrasses and parrotfish, and super clear water.  
Palace Wall Near the Sheridan Hotel (Formally named "The Palace"), this wall is a favorite for deep and extended range tech divers.  Shallow reef flats suitable for all divers.  Occasional Pelagics & Mantas are seen
Pati Point  Drift dive with possibility of high currents and moderate to rough seas.  Barracuda, sharks, large pelagic fish, corals. Features a large cavern at 115'.  This is an exciting dive for experienced divers!  
Piti Bomb Holes Across the street from the MDA Dive Store, this popular beach site is home to an abundance of juvenile reef fishes as well as numerous hard and soft corals.  Great for snorkelers' and divers of all levels.
Piti Channel An all-time favorite for Photographers (especially at night), this beach dive features a vast variety of life and macro - shot opportunities.
Piti Stingrays  Straight off the MDA Piti Dive Shop, this sight features large sand pits that are frequented by rays and nurse sharks.  Coral formations and nearby wall for all levels of diving.
Ritidian Point  sloping reef (10-120') on the NW corner of Guam.  Drift dive with possibility of high currents.  Barracuda, sharks, large pelagic fish, sea whips & hard corals.  A great dive!
Scuba Cut Drift dive with possibility of high currents and surge.  Schools of parrot fish, sharks, large pelagic fish, and some of Guam's most pristine corals.  A great dive!  
Seabee Junkyard Apra Harbor, 35-140' plateau on breakwater with many bulldozers and other construction equipment left by the Seabees when they finished building the breakwater.  Also has small harbor transfer ship on bottom at 130.  Vis usually 20-40'.
Sharks Pit Very unusual dive located along Orote Peninsula with many artifacts from WWII.  One of the few sites on Guam with sea fans at 40'. Super visibility. 
SMS Cormoran German merchant raider sitting alongside the Tokai at 80 to 130'.  (Touch both wrecks at 95') Very interesting dive for experienced divers only. Visibility 20-60'.  
The Pinnacle Deep water reef with top at 120'.  School of Barracuda, large fish,  occasional sharks and rays, sea fans on both ends.  Currents.  This is a very advanced dive and requires  an experienced deep or tech certified diver.
The Tunnel Northern coral reef extending out from cliff line.  Schooling fish, clear water,  and great coral formations.  A natural opening in the reef that starts at 35' and exits at 45'. Caverns and sand channels abound in the area. 
The Wall  40-??  This site has the steepest knife-edge wall that we've seen on Guam.  Normally a drift dive, the wall is spotted with fans and small soft corals that can be viewed by divers with deep experience.   Moderate depts along the cliffline (35 - 65') suitable for all divers.
Tokai Maru Apra Harbor, 40-120'.  WWII Japanese long range freighter that's popular for advanced and wreck certified divers. Visibility 20-60' but can be cut to zero if the silt is kicked-up.  She sits on a port list in the harbor and is adjacent to the Cormorran. 
Val Bomber Apra Harbor, 25-100'.   Japanese Val bomber sits in 85' laying against side of reef.  There are also numerous barges in shallow water that can be explored on the same dive. 
Vecki Reef Dive near the mouth of the harbor at this beautiful reef.  Slopes from shallow reef flat down to 130+ Very easy and great visibility for all divers.
Western Shoals Apra Harbor, 5-70' Sloping reef with a large variety of corals and thousands of fish.  Very easy dive for all.