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Q: What's the diving on Guam like? Before you read on please remember that we are avid divers and get to travel all over regions that most divers consider world class. In other words, we are extremely spoiled. Please don't compare Guam to Palau, Yap, and Truk Lagoon... but Guam diving really is quite a bit better than most of the world!


See Guam "instant load" high quality videos from our Diver Below television series. You'll be very surprised at the diversity of diving here.

Q: Do you want variety? Walls, Drift Dives, planes, shipwrecks, and a wide choice of reefs. Among the most popular sites are the Blue Hole, Crevice, Coral Gardens, Haps Reef, Pete's Reef, Barracuda Rock and the twin shipwrecks of the Tokai Maru and the SMS Cormoran.

We have over 60 dive sites around the island. Guam has over 200 species of coral and an abundance of marine life at most locations.  We also have a very good variety of beach diving sites, most with very easy entries and exit

Below are the dive sites just within Apra Harbor, all protected and diveable year round.


Water Visibility & Temperature: Guam waters maintain a temperature of 82-86°F (28°C) year 'round with excellent visibility at most locations. Apra Harbor dive sites generally have visibility in the 30-60'(10-20m) range, and all "outside" reefs offer 100-150' (33m) and more.   Above water we are terribly spoiled with temperatures consistently between 75-90°F (24-29°C) every day!

Ease of Diving With a few exceptions, diving on Guam is VERY EASY.  There are  numerous walk-in reef dives, and a very wide choice of boat dive sites. There are virtually no swells 95% of the year, and most dive sites are within an easy 10-20 minute ride by boat. A beautiful reef, perfect for diving and snorkeling, lies directly across the street from our shop in Piti.

gifWhen is the best time to come? Just about anytime.  Our rainy season, if we have one, is generally from September to December.  This means that we have combinations of rain and sun throughout the day. The windiest months are between January and early April as our tropical northeast trade winds are active. The calmest months are between late April - August, but since virtually all of our diving is on the leeward (west) side of Guam just about all of the sites are available all the time.

Can I dive Guam economically?  Yes. Let us assist you in setting up your trip to Guam or Micronesia.  There are a number of hotels that offer very low rates; we can also offer you two different agencies that rent cars for as little as $44 daily or a van for $95.00.  Our 5-Star club offers tremendous savings on diving and much more.

Here's our best tip:  During the week our boats usually go to the most popular sites (Blue Hole and Crevice) for the first dives each day.  These are usually filled by local tour operators who use our boats and they pick the dive sites.  Plan your stopover here on Guam to take advantage of our weekend "local divers" trips. These are scheduled (see the boat schedule page) and you can book them far in advance.

Also, join in free guided beach dives on the weekends!

What is our current weather?
You can see our current weather and the general weather forecasts directly from the satellite here >


jpgWhat about hotels and rental cars on Guam?
We've got lots of information for you right here >

Can we book your entire trip?  Absolutely.  We can book individual and group accommodations, scuba diving, snorkeling., car rental and make your Guam vacation affordable and exciting. We offer 2-tank boat dives, group packages, snorkeling trips, scuba classes, a 5 Star Membership giving you great MDA discounts, and more.

With a retail shop offering T-shirts, rash guards, scuba & snorkeling equipment, a full rental department, cameras, souvenirs and more you will find all your Guam diving & snorkeling needs right here.