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Many divers have headed out to look for the Amtrak, and never found it.

Here are the coordinates:


  1. Head out at 300 degrees to the end of the pipe.
  2. Tie up the flag at that point and head due west, 270 degrees
  3. The trip takes about 12 minutes on a due west heading
  4. From the Amtrac, 120 degrees to the reef
  5. At the reef, turn to 60 degrees and go to the soft coral mountain
  6. Go past the soft coral through the ā€œvā€ and turn to zero degrees through the cut
  7. Head 60 degrees across the sand channel, up and over the ridge
  8. Head due East, 90 degrees back to the float
  9. Head 120 degrees into the shore

I don’t recommend this dive on an outgoing tide, especially if there is some wave activity.

Also, this is an “air burner”. You may have to surface before arriving back at the float.

Be safe. Have fun.


C. Parker Van Hecke, April 19, 2018