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Another signature dive on Guam is Asan Cut, just one mile from the MDA Dive Shop. Asan Cut is adjacent to the War In The Pacific Park on Marine Corps Drive, in Asan, Guam. It is a popular fishing and diving area. Fishermen and divers all have a right to use these waters and must be willing to share the space.

There are many different dives at Asan Cut, and it is easy to become disoriented and lost. If that happens, be prepared to do a safety stop, and surface to regain your bearings. When the surf is up and the tide is going out, there is a strong rip current at the entrance and exit. Gloves are recommended so that divers can pull themselves in on the rocky reef shelf to shallow waters.

There are numerous cuts through the coral, sand channels and other rocky or coral structures to explore. This is always a fun and exciting dive. We encounter white tip sharks in some of the caves, large Napoleon wrasse, sting rays and marble rays in the sand and sometimes even dolphin. There is a WWII Amtrak (Amphibious Personnel Carrier) to the right, but it is torn to pieces and hardly recognizable.

In the cut at the end of the dive, we find many octopus, lionfish, flounder, snake eels and snake sea cucumbers. At Asan Cut, the dive isn’t over until you are completely out of the water. Anything can show up at the last minute.


C. Parker Van Hecke, April 19, 2018