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MDA 5-Star Club

The MDA 5-Star Club is for divers seeking adventure!  It includes discounts at all MDA locations, preferred rates on rentals and air fills, special club rates on diving and discounts at our sponsor businesses all over Guam.

Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest October 27, 2018


Cost for the event is $20 with proceeds going to Project Aware

You can also get the underwater pumpkin carving PADI Certification for $25 more.

DateTimeDive Site(s)MarinaCertificationType#
9.21.20186:30pmLight up Barge ReefCabrasAnyDive - one tank948
9.22.20188:00amBlue & White and Surprise ReefCabrasAnyDive - two tank949
9.22.20181:30pmLuminao Drift & Harley ReefCabrasAnyDive - two tank950
9.23.20188:00amHidden Reef & American TankerCabrasAnyDive - two tank951
9.23.20181:30pmWreck SpecialCabrasAdvanceDive - two tank952
9.23.20181:30pmAmerican Tanker & Dogleg ReefCabrasAnyDive - two tank953
9.29.20188:00amAmphitheater & Seabee JunkyardCabrasAnyDive - two tank954
9.29.20181:30pmThe Wall & Finger ReefCabrasAnyDive - two tank955
9.30.20188:00amBlue Hole & Western ShoalsCabrasAnyDive - two tank956
9.30.20181:30pmTarzan Cave & Coke Bottle Reef CabrasAnyDive - two tank957
9.30.20181:30pmWreck Diver's SpecialCabrasAdvanceDive - two tank958
10.05.20186:30pmLight Up The TokaiCabrasAdvanceDive - one tank1032
8:00amCrevice Drift & Finger ReefCabrasAnyDive - two tank1033
10.06.20181:30pmBoulder Alley & American TankerCabrasAnyDive - two tank1034
10.07.20188:00amBlue and White & Seabee JunkyardCabrasAnyDive - two tank1035
10.07.20181:30pmBarracuda Rock & Western ShoalsCabrasAnyDive - two tank1036
10.07.20181:30pmWreck Diver's Special CabrasAdvanceDive - two tank1037
10.13.20188:00amMDA's Halloween Costume DiveAgatAnyDive - one tank1038
10.13.20181:30pmTarzan Cave Drift & Anae CavernsAgatAnyDive - two tank1039
10.14.20188:00amBlue Hole & Coral GardensAgatAnyDive - two tank1040
10.14.20181:30pmSharks Pit & FishbowlAgatAnyDive - two tank1041
10.14.20181:30pmVal Bomber & Harley ReefCabrasAnyDive - two tank1042
10.19.20186:30pmLight Up Pete's ReefAgatAnyDive - one tank1043
10.20.20188:00amCoco's East & WestAgatAdvanceDive - two tank1044
10.20.20181:30pmTurtle Rock Drift & Haps ReefAgatAnyDive - two tank1045
10.21.20188:00amCemetery Wall & Pete's ReefAgatAnyDive - two tank1046
10.21.20181:30pmNathan's Dent & Coral GardensAgatAnyDive - two tank1047
10.21.20181:30pmWreck Diver's Special CabrasAdvanceDive - two tank1048
10.27.20188:00amBlue Hole & The ScotiaCabrasAnyDive - two tank1049
10.27.20181:30pmLuminao Drift & Coke Bottle ReefCabrasAnyDive - two tank1050
10.28.20188:00amThe Wall & American TankerCabrasAnyDive - two tank1051
10.28.20181:30pmBarracuda Rock & Seabee JunkyardCabrasAnyDive - two tank1052
10.28.20181:30pmVecki's Reef Drift & Finger ReefCabrasAnyDive - two tank1053