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Learn to Scuba Dive

To enroll in a PADI Open Water Diver course (or Junior Open Water Diver course), you must be 10 years old or older.

You need adequate swimming skills and need to be in good physical health. No prior experience required.

Light Up The Night

We offer a guided tour on our Light Up the Night Dives

MDA 5-Star Club

The MDA 5-Star Club is for divers seeking adventure!  It includes discounts at all MDA locations, preferred rates on rentals and air fills, special club rates on diving and discounts at our sponsor businesses all over Guam.


 Daily Dive – Morning Two-Tank Dive

Time: 8:30 AM  /  Date: Daily  /  Type: 2-tank dive  /  Marina: Cabras  /  Sites: Captain’s Choice

For a limited time, the Daily Dive is NDBR (No Dive Buddy Required) to sign up for the Daily Boat. We will do our best to

match you up with another diver if you need a dive buddy. Each diver must have a Safety Sausage and Dive Computer or Dive Tables.


Stay Safe Guam

Reminder: Wear a Mask, Wash Your Hands, and Practice Social Distancing




MDA-Boat Schedule
DateTimeDive Site(s)MarinaCertificationTypeBoat Dive #
10.02.20218:00 AM The Wall Drift & Seabee Junkyard
CabrasAnyDive - Two21-1032
10.02.20211:30 PM Barracuda Rock & Western ShoalsCabrasAnyDive - Two21-1033
10.02.20211:30 PM American Tanker & Harley ReefCabrasAnyDive - Two21-1034
10.03.20218:00 AM Crevice Drift & Vecki's Reef
CabrasAnyDive - Two21-1035
10.03.20211:30 PM The Glass Breakwater & Finger ReefCabrasAnyDive - Two21-1036
10.03.20211:30 PM Wreck Diver's SpecialCabrasAdvancedDive - Two21-1037
10.08.20216:30 PM Light Up Finger ReefCabrasAnyDive - One21-1038
10.09.20218:00 AMCocos West & Anae CavernsAgatAnyDive - Two21-1039
10.09.20211:30 PM Pete's Reef & Coral GardensAgatAnyDive - Two21-1040
10.09.20211:30 PM Blue and White & Barge ReefCabrasAnyDive - Two21-1041
10.10.20218:00 AMBlue Hole Drift & Haps ReefAgatAnyDive - Two21-1042
10.10.20211:30 PM Sharks Pit & Fishbowl
AgatAnyDive - Two21-1043
10.10.20211:30 PM Wreck Diver's SpecialCabrasAnyDive - Two21-1044
10.16.20218:00 AMTurtle Rock Drift & Spanish StepsCabrasAnyDive - Two21-1045
10.16.20211:30 PM MDA's Halloween Costume Dive
CabrasAnyDive - Two21-1046
10.16.20211:30 PM Val Bomber & Finger Reef
CabrasAnyDive - Two21-1047
10.17.20218:00 AMBlue Hole & The Glass BreakwaterCabrasAnyDive - Two21-1048
10.17.20211:30 PM Vecki's Reef & Harley Reef
CabrasAnyDive - Two21-1049
10.17.20211:30 PM Wreck Diver's SpecialCabrasAdvancedDive - Two21-1050
10.22.20216:30 PM Light Up Haps ReefAgatAnyDive - One21-1051
10.23.20218:00 AMCocos West & Pete's Reef
AgatAnyDive - Two21-1052
10.23.20211:30 PM Tarzan Cave & The Amtrak
AgatAnyDive - Two21-1053
10.23.20211:30 PM Seabee Junkyard & Western Shoals
CabrasAnyDive - Two21-1054
10.24.20218:00 AMNathans Dent & Coral GardensAgatAnyDive - Two21-1055
10.24.20211:30 PM Cetti Bay Drift & Anae Caverns
AgatAnyDive - Two21-1056
10.24.20211:30 PM Wreck Diver's SpecialCabrasAdvancedDive - Two21-1057
10.30.20217:30 AMKitsugawa MaruCabrasAdvancedDive - One21-1058
10.30.202110:00 AMBlue and White & Finger Reef
CabrasAnyDive - Two21-1059
10.30.20211:30 PM American Tanker & Harley Reef
CabrasAnyDive - Two21-1060
10.31.20218:00 AMShark's Pit & The Glass Breakwater
CabrasAnyDive - Two21-1061
10.31.20211:30 PM Barracuda Rock & Coke Bottle ReefCabrasAnyDive - Two21-1062
10.31.20211:30 PM Wreck Diver's SpecialCabrasAdvancedDive - Two21-1063