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MDA 5-Star Club

The MDA 5-Star Club is for divers seeking adventure!  It includes discounts at all MDA locations, preferred rates on rentals and air fills, special club rates on diving and discounts at our sponsor businesses all over Guam.

DateTimeDive Site(s)MarinaCertificationType#
11.16.20186:30pm Light Up Haps ReefAgatAnyDive - one tank1142
11.17.20188:00amBlue Hole Drift & Haps ReefAgatAnyDive - two tank1143
11.17.20181:30pmBoulder Alley Drift & FishbowlAgatAnyDive - two tank1144
11.18.20188:00amSharks Pit Drift & AmtrakAgatAnyDive - two tank1145
11.18.20181:30pmTarzan Cave Drift & Coral GardensAgatAnyDive - two tank1146
11.18.20181:30pm American Tanker & Finger ReefCabrasAnyDive - two tank1147
11.24.20188:00amCrevice Drift & Barracuda RockCabrasAnyDive - two tank1148
11.24.20181:30pmWreck Divers SpecialCabrasAdvanceDive - two tank1149
11.25.20188:00amThe Wall Drift & The ScotiaCabrasAnyDive - two tank1150
11.25.20181:30pmHourglass Reef & Coke Bottle ReefCabrasAnyDive - two tank1151
11.25.20181:30pmVal Bomber & Dogleg ReefCabrasAnyDive - two tank1152
8:00amBlue Hole & Haps ReefAgatAnyDive - two tank1232
12.01.20181:30pmBarracuda Rock & Coral Gardens
AgatAnyDive - two tank1233
12.02.20188:00amNathan's Dent & Anae Caverns
AgatAnyDive - two tank1234
12.02.20181:30pmAlutom Island & Fish BowlAgatAnyDive - two tank1235
12.02.20181:30pmWreck Divers SpecialCabrasAdvanceDive - two tank1236
12.07.20186:30pmLight Up the Christmas Tree with Santa!CabrasAnyDive - one tank1237
12.08.20188:00amCrevice Drift & Veckies ReefCabrasAnyDive - two tank1238
12.08.20181:30pmDive with Santa at The American TankerCabrasAnyDive - one tank1239
12.09.20188:00amHidden Reef & Santa at The American TankerCabrasAnyDive - two tank1240
12.09.20181:30pmDive with Santa at The American TankerCabrasAnyDive - one tank1241
12.09.20183:45pmDive with Santa at The American TankerCabrasAnyDive - one tank1242
12.09.20181:30pmWreck Divers SpecialCabrasAdvanceDive - two tank1243
12.14.20186:30pmLight Up The Coral GardensAgatAnyDive - one tank1244
12.15.20188:00amSharks Pit & AmtrakAgatAnyDive - two tank1245
12.15.20181:30pmBoulder Alley & Pete's ReefAgatAnyDive - two tank1246
12.16.20188:00amBlue Hole & Haps ReefAgatAnyDive - two tank1247
12.16.20181:30pmTurtle Rock & Coral GardensAgatAnyDive - two tank1248
12.16.20181:30pmAmerican Tanker & Finger ReefCabrasAnyDive - two tank1249
12.22.20187:30amKitsugawa MaruCabrasAdvanceDive - one tank1250
12.22.201810:00amBarracuda Rock & Spanish StepsCabrasAnyDive - two tank1251
12.23.20188:00amAmphitheater & Seabee JunkyardCabrasAnyDive - two tank1252
12.23.20181:30pmVal Bomber & Harley ReefCabrasAnyDive - two tank1253
12.23.20181:30pmWreck Divers SpecialCabrasAdvanceDive - two tank1254
12.28.20186:30pmLight Up The Tokai MaruCabrasAdvanceDive - one tank1255
12.29.20188:00amCoCos West & Coral GardensAgatAnyDive - two tank1256
12.29.20181:30pmPete's Reef & HapsAgatAnyDive - two tank1257
12.30.20188:00amToguan Bay & Nathan's DentAgatAnyDive - two tank1258
12.30.20181:30pmAlutom Island Drift & FishbowlAgatAnyDive - two tank1259
12.30.20181:30pmBarge Reef & Seabee JunkyardCabrasAnyDive - two tank1260