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Learn to Scuba Dive

To enroll in a PADI Open Water Diver course (or Junior Open Water Diver course), you must be 10 years old or older.

You need adequate swimming skills and need to be in good physical health. No prior experience required.

Light Up The Night

We offer a guided tour on our Light Up the Night Dives

Learn to Dive with MDA

Open WaterGaskill10.10.20225:30 PMPiti
Advanced Open WaterHolt10.11.20225:30 PMPiti
Open WaterBourdreau10.17.20225:30 PMPiti
Advanced Open WaterJohnston10.18.20225:30 PMPiti
Advanced Open WaterGough10.18.20225:30 PMPiti
Open WaterHolt10.24.20225:30 PMPiti
Advanced Open WaterGaskill10.25.20225:30 PMPiti
Underwater Pumpkin CarvingMichelle Gay10.29.20229:00 AM MDA OASIS
Open WaterJohnston10.31.20225:30 PMPiti
Open WaterGough10.31.20225:30 PMPiti
Advanced Open WaterBourdreau11.01.20225:30 PMPiti
Open WaterGaskill11.07.20225:30 PMPiti
Advanced Open WaterHolt11.08.20225:30 PMPiti
Open WaterBourdreau11.14.20225:30 PMPiti
Advanced Open WaterJohnston11.15.20225:30 PMPiti
Advanced Open WaterGough11.15.20225:30 PMPiti
Open WaterHolt11.21.20225:30 PMPiti
Advanced Open WaterGaskill11.22.20225:30 PMPiti
Open WaterJohnston11.28.20225:30 PMPiti
Open WaterGough11.28.20225:30 PMPiti
Advanced Open WaterBourdreau11.29.20225:30 PMPiti
Open WaterGaskill12.05.20225:30 PMPiti
Advanced Open WaterHolt12.06.20225:30 PMPiti
Open WaterBourdreau12.12.20225:30 PMPiti
Advanced Open WaterJohnston12.13.20225:30 PMPiti
Advanced Open WaterGough12.13.20225:30 PMPiti
Open WaterHolt12.19.20225:30 PMPiti
Advanced Open WaterGaskill12.20.20225:30 PMPiti
Open WaterJohnston12.26.20225:30 PMPiti
Open WaterGough12.26.20225:30 PMPiti
Advanced Open WaterBourdreau12.27.20225:30 PMPiti
Open WaterGaskill1.02.20235:30 PMPiti