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PADI Open Water Diver

To enroll in a PADI Open Water Diver course, you must be 10 years old or older. You need adequate swimming skills and need to be in good physical health. No prior experience with scuba diving is required.

MDA Aquaquest Travel

Choose a destination & let MDA Aquaquest Travel do the rest.

MDA 5-Star Club

The MDA 5-Star Club is for divers seeking adventure!  It includes discounts at all MDA locations, preferred rates on rentals and air fills, special club rates on diving and discounts at our sponsor businesses all over Guam.

PitiOpen Water5/27/20195:30pmTim Huegel
PitiOpen Water5/27/20195:30pmWes Seleen
PitiAdvanced Open Water5/28/20195:30pmPatricia Boykin
PitiAdvanced Open Water6/03/20195:30pmHenry Ngo
PitiOpen Water6/03/20195:30pmMatt Strickland
PitiOpen Water6/03/20195:30pmJP Gonzalez
PitiAdvanced Open Water6/04/20195:30pmGavin O'Neill Henry
PitiAdvanced Open Water6/04/20195:30pmJack Miller
PitiOpen Water6/10/20195:30pmSkye Patino
PitiOpen Water6/10/20195:30pmMarielle Vicente
PitiAdvanced Open Water6/11/20195:30pmTim Huegel
PitiAdvanced Open Water6/11/20195:30pmWes Seleen
PitiOpen Water6/17/20195:30pmJeff Mazzetta
PitiOpen Water6/17/20195:30pmHenry Ngo
PitiAdvanced Open Water6/18/20195:30pmMatt Strickland
PitiAdvanced Open Water6/18/20195:30pmJP Gonzalez
PitiOpen Water6/24/20195:30pmPatricia Boykin
PitiOpen Water6/24/20195:30pmJack Miller
PitiAdvanced Open Water6/25/20195:30pmSkye Patino
PitiAdvanced Open Water6/25/20195:30pmMarielle Vicente
PitiOpen Water7/01/20195:30pmGavin O'Neill Henry
Piti Open Water7/01/20195:30pmWes Seleen
PitiAdvanced Open Water7/02/20195:30pmJeff Mazzetta
PitiAdvanced Open Water7/02/20195:30pmHenry Ngo
PitiOpen Water7/08/20195:30pmTim Huegel
PitiOpen Water7/08/20195:30pmJP Gonzalez
PitiAdvanced Open Water7/09/20195:30pmPatricia Boykin
PitiAdvanced Open Water7/09/20195:30pmJack Miller