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No doubt, Gab Gab II is one of the most popular and most enjoyable dives on Guam. Because of the feeder stations placed by the Atlantis submarine tour, there are thousands of reef fish, sometimes nurse sharks, eels, octopus, nudibranchs and etc. It’s always a party at Gab Gab II. I see many people just going straight out and coming back on the surface.

Here are some navigation coordinates to help you see more of the reef and have an enjoyable dive while learning a different way to see this great reef.



  1. Enter water at ladder and plant flag at regular staging area about 100 yards out.
  2. Snorkel North to buoy. Descend on rope or gradually descend to 45 feet.
  3. Swim on a heading of 330 degrees (adjust for current) to the first feeding station at 45 feet
  4. Heading 0 degrees to main feeding station. This is where you might encounter nurse sharks.
  5. Heading 270 degrees to another feeding station 15 kick cycles (there is a very nice anemone colony about 10 yards to the south of this feeder station).
    Then, the reciprocal heading of 90 degrees back to the main feeding station
  6. Heading 90 degrees for 14 kick cycles to two buoys and anemone
  7. Heading 100 degrees for 25 kick cycles to another feeding station
  8. Heading 125 degrees to the East end of the reef where turtles live (5 minute swim)
  9. Heading 190 degrees to large anemone bed (15 kick cycles)
  10. Heading 180 degrees for 4 to 5 minute open water crossing to Gab Gab I reef. You must have a compass to make this underwater crossing.
  11. Heading 270 to 240 degrees approximately, follow the reef back to starting point.
    Large anemone at 45 feet
    Bare rock with coral “wart” reference at 40 feet
  12. Heading 240 degrees up the reef to return to the flag.


C. Parker Van Hecke, April 19, 2018