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Written by C. Parker Van Hecke, MDA Scuba Instructor

MDA has “free” guided shore dives every weekend led by us, Parker Van Hecke and Kim Harris!

We are PADI Certified Master Scuba Diver Trainers and Instructors.  But one of our favorite things in scuba is having the opportunity to guide divers on these free MDA shore dives.  (As I tell all newcomers, if you don’t have a great time, we’ll give you double your money back!  Haha!)

We’ve been leading free shore dives on Guam for 6 years.  With that experience, we know which dives are good regardless of weather and tides, and we have about three dozen shore dive sites to choose from.

Another great part of these dives, you don’t have to have a buddy.  We will pair you up with someone.  There may have been a few marriages from meeting up with someone on the shore dives.  Which, by the way, is exactly how my wife, Kim, and I met – on an MDA free guided shore dive back in 2008!

Come join us, Saturdays at 9am and 2pm; on Sundays at 2pm.