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Written by C. Parker Van Hecke, MDA Scuba Instructor

I really cannot pick a “favorite” dive on Guam, because there are so many and all so different.  It’s more a choice of “what type of dive” is appealing or, depending on weather, accessible.  Gun Beach, however, is a signature dive on Guam.

Most everyone has a “Gun Beach Story”.  Those are the ones when divers tried Gun Beach on an outgoing tide with high surge.  The entry is very tough and quite exciting!  If you dive Gun Beach on an incoming tide with calm seas, you will experience one of Guam’s finest dives.

There are 3 basic dives – one to the right, one to the left, and one right down the pipes to 130 feet.  The coral is outstanding.  There are many turtles and eels and octopus and anemones with clown fish.  An occasional Black Tip shark can be seen shooting down the reef.

The exit is right where all the seawater is flowing back into the ocean from the reef, right up the old communication cable pipes.  Sometimes it’s fun to ride the surge up the pipes; sometimes it’s challenging!  Gloves are recommended!  Smiles are mandatory!