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Harley Reef

Depth: 15 ft

Thanks to the professionals at Guam Harley-Davidson for their identification of the 1944/45 WLA Flathead. This is a great dive and unique photo op for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. 

Little is known as to just how the Harley ended up at its final resting place in Apra Harbor. But there is one story that an old coat captain has told me and he says “This story is completely true, except for the parts that are not.” The story goes something like this. After WWII, the Navy Seabees were building the breakwater in Apra Harbor and they had several barges that carried supplies. On one of the barges was all the Coca-Cola you could drink. That is one of the reasons when you dive close to the  glass breakwater you can still find old Coke bottles from the 1940’s. Some of the old Coke bottles even have the name of the city where the Coca-Cola was bottled.

 Anyway, back to the story, there was a Harley Davidson that was getting shipped back to the states. Serval Seabees had just finished working on the breakwater. One Seabee, let’s call him Robert, could do just about anything on a motorcycle. After a hard day building the glass breakwater and drinking Coca-Cola. Someone bet Robert that he was too chicken to jump that Harley from one barge to another.

Well, Robert was no chicken.  I little known fact about Robert, he was married to Ann Marie Keough and they had two sons, Robert and Nicolas. Robert’s oldest son made a career out of riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Robert Jr. was professionally known as Evel Knievel. I don’t know if I believe this story or not, but it sure is fun listening to that old boat captain telling the story.  If you have heard a different reason why the Harley is in Apra Harbor we would love to hear your story.  

Michael Schuck