UW Pumpkin Carving | MDA

UW Pumpkin Carving



Date - October 21st, 2017
Location:  Cemetery Wall, Agat 
 (see map)
Cost:  $20 includes Event T-Shirt
BYOP - Bring Your Own Pumpkin & carving tools
*Bring extra cash to participate in raffles


Carving Rules

1. The pumpkin must not be cut before the divers get in the water.

2. Divers must make all cuts in the pumpkin underwater.

3. Divers cannot cut on the pumpkin after he or she exits the water.

4. Divers can pre-mark the pumpkin with a permanent marker before entering in the water.

5. If divers use props for their pumpkin, they may be attached to the pumpkin after getting out of the water.

7. All cutting utensils and weights must be brought up with the diver.

8. No Razor’s or box knifes. Must be a  knife with sheath or Pumpkin carving tool.

9. HAVE FUN. Remember - Pumpkins float. You have been warned!!!!!!!!!!


Adult & Kid Categories  

Criteria - Must be creative, original with clean design


Tips and Tricks

  • Neutral buoyancy is not your objective. Make sure you and your pumpkin have the right diving gear, like weights, to keep you both on the bottom.
  • Weight your tools so they don’t float to the surface—but bring a backup dive knife, just in case.
  • Practice above water. Carve a pumpkin or two a few days before the event. If you need some ideas, there are hundreds of pumpkin patterns  available online. Stick to the simple ones—you won’t have a pattern on your underwater pumpkin.
  • Bring the right tools. Dive Knives work well for the big cuts, but are a little hard to use on the finer details. There are many pumpkin carving tools on the market. Be sure to tie your tools to you so they don't float away.