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The Rock Islands, Jellyfish Lake, and some of the best diving on the planet.


A tropical lagoon filled with history, in full 360° color.


An island rich in culture, pristine reef & friendly mantas.


World class macro, unique marine life, and whale sharks.


Ultra-sharp HD visibility & a peaceful island atmosphere.


Pohnpei offers warm, crystal-clear diving and healthy reefs that thrive with marine life. Rays, turtles, sharks and large colorful reef fish are common sights. For those that want to get even more remote and exotic, the outer islands, like Ant Atoll, offer an incredible experience and more great diving.

On land, Pohnpei’s high peaks and upper rainforest catch ample amounts of moisture creating more than 40 rivers and many of Micronesia’s most impressive waterfalls. Guided hiking tours are available and a great way to see these beautiful but hard-to-find parts of the island.


United Airlines flies to & from Pohnpei four times a week.

Outgoing (Guam to Pohnpei):
Sun/Mon/Wed/Fri morning & Sat evening.

Return (Pohnpei to Guam):
Mon/Tue/Thu/Sat afternoon & Sun very early AM.

Nan Madol – Pohnpei is home to Micronesia’s most famous archaeological site – the mysterious ruins of Nan Madol. Giant hexagonal basalt pillars form artificial islands, waterways and the structures of an ancient city built on a lagoon. Book a tour to explore this interesting site.

Explore Pohnpei on land – Book a hiking guide to see Pohnpei’s very impressive waterfalls. After exploring reefs, ruins and waterfalls, be sure to visit Pohnpei’s villages to check out the local handicrafts.

If you’re traveling between Guam and Hawaii, why not take the “island hopper”? This flight stops in Chuuk, Pohnpei & Kosrae and any of these islands can be planned as an extended stopover.

Pohnpei info

  • Currency – US$ Dollars (USD)
  • Language – English
  • Outlets/voltage – US Standard outlets, 120V

Dive & Land permits

There are currently no permits required to dive in Pohnpei.

Some land tours require a permit or small payment to access private land. These tend to range from about $3-$10 per person. Carry a small amount of cash to cover land fees while exploring.

Departure Fee

Total $20.00, applicable to all travelers.

  • Must be paid at the airport upon departure.
  • Plan to pay in cash – exact change.