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MDA 5-Star Club

The MDA 5-Star Club is for divers seeking adventure!  It includes discounts at all MDA locations, preferred rates on rentals and air fills, special club rates on diving and discounts at our sponsor businesses all over Guam.


24 Hour Rental: Additional charges will be applied if equipment is returned late.


Complete Scuba Set regulator/BC/weights & cylinder (67 or 80)$20.00
5-Star Club Members Full Set with tank$17.00
5-Star Club Members Full Set, no tank$15.00
Regulator System w/ Alt Air Source & 2 Gauge Console$7.00
Buoyancy Compensator$7.00
Wrist Computer$10.00
Weights & Belt (12lbs. max)$5.00


Delivery available for most MDA boat dives 53 – 80 cuft$7.00
per tank


For Pickup at ShopPrice
100 – 108 cuft$8.00
Enriched Air 32% – 80 cuft$9.50
Air fill: 12-80 cuft$3.00
Air fill: 12-80 cuft - 5-Star Club Members$2.50
Air fill: 81-108 cuft$5.00
Air fill: 81-108 cuft - 5-Star Club Members$3.50


Snorkeling EquipmentPrice
Mask & Snorkel$5.00
Fins, any size or style$5.00
Reef Boots$5.00

* Snorkeling equipment rental requires a $50 deposit


* Advance gear rental available at Piti location on Saturday & Sunday only.

Requests must be paid and submitted Wednesday before closing.