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Learn to Scuba Dive

To enroll in a PADI Open Water Diver course (or Junior Open Water Diver course), you must be 10 years old or older.

You need adequate swimming skills and need to be in good physical health. No prior experience required.

Light Up The Night

We offer a guided tour on our Light Up the Night Dives


Prices are for LABOR ONLY and do not include Parts.

5-Star Club Discount is 15% off Parts Only.


*** Rush order (24-hour Turn Around): Additional $35.00 ***

Regulator (Labor Charges)Price
1st, 2nd & Alt. Overhaul$75.00
1st & 2nd Stage Overhaul$50.00
Overhaul 1st Stage$30.00
Overhaul 2nd Stage$30.00
Alternate Overhaul$30.00
Air Source Overhaul$40.00
Annual Inspection (Test & Adjust) - per regulator$10.00
O2 Clean Regulator - per regulator$10.00
BCD (Labor Charges)Price
BCD Annual Inspection (Clean, Test & Inspect) $25.00
Low Pressure Inflator Overhaul$20.00
Instruments (Labor Charges)Price
SPG Gauge Replacement$15.00
H.P. Swivel Leak$10.00
Computer Battery Replacement (Pressure Check)$20.00
Computer Battery Replacement ( w/out Pressure Check)$15.00
Transmitter Battery Replacement$5.00
Valves (Labor Charges)Price
Single Repair$17.50
Dual Outlet Repair$25.00
Twin Manifold Repair$35.00
VIP (Fill NOT included)$7.00
VIP NITROX (Fill NOT included)$10.00
VIP O2 Clean (Fill NOT included)$18.00
Hydro (Air) includes VIP and Fill$55.00
Hydro (NITROX) VIP and Fill NOT included$49.95
Hydro (SCBA)$88.00
Hydro (Bank)$58.50
Neck Leak (Includes O-Ring)$7.50
Tank Prep for Shipment$5.00

BCD: Annual Service – BCD will be thoroughly cleaned inside and out.  All releases, straps, integrated weight systems, dump valves, and Low-Pressure Inflator will be inspected and tested.  *** If the Low-Pressure Inflator fails inspection & test, it will be disassembled and all manufacture suggested service parts replaced (additional charges apply). ***  After reassembly, BCD is tested to manufacturer specifications.

Regulator: Annual Service – involves testing & adjusting the first stage, second stage, and alternate regulator to manufacturer specifications.

Overhaul – involves complete disassembly & cleaning in an ultrasonic bath.  After rinsing, the stages will be reassembled using manufacturing service kits and tested/adjusted to manufacturer specifications. *** Non-Warranty – customer pays all parts and labor. ***

Tank: All VIPs and Hydros include neck o-ring and VIP / Nitrox sticker(s).

Warranty: The customer is required to provide proof of purchase within the last 13 months or records of warranty service within the last 13 months.  Warranty service consists of the first stage, second stage, alternate regulators, and BCDs.  All services will be performed using manufacturing service kits and tested/adjusted to manufacturer specifications.  *** The customer will pay for labor charges only. ***  LP & HP Hoses are not covered by any manufactures warranty programs.