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At just 50min from Guam by plane, Saipan is a great weekend getaway. You’ll notice many similarities to Guam but what will stand out most is the laid-back atmosphere and lack of traffic, making it a great place to unwind for a few days.

If Saipan still isn’t out-of-the-way enough for you, from there it’s just a 5-10min hop over to the super-quiet & friendly island of Tinian.


United Airlines flies to & from Saipan about 6 times a day with flights departing from approximately 3am until around 9pm.

A great time to visit Saipan is during the Flame Tree Arts Festival, occurring every April in conjunction with the blooming of Saipan’s many flame trees. Check the event calendar at http://www.mymarianas.com/ to view this year’s dates.

Diving – Saipan’s most famous dive site is The Grotto, but there are several other great shore dives and boat dives that you’ll want to experience. Tinian also has great dive sites that can be accessed by boat from Saipan.

History – A visit to the National Park Headquarters is a great way to start off a day of touring on Saipan. The staff is friendly and happy to share a wealth of information about Saipan’s history and its role in WW2. Step into their small theater to watch a short movie about Saipan’s history before heading out and seeing sights such as Banzai Cliff, Suicide Cliff and the Last Command Post.

Garapan Street Market – Every Thursday from 5-930pm. International dishes, live entertainment and arts, crafts & novelties on sale. Admission: Free

Hiking – Explore Bird Island and Forbidden Island.

Visit Tinian – A short 5-minute flight on Star Marianas will get you to Tinian – home to the House of Taga giant latte site, beautiful Taga Beach, and several historic WWII sites.

Weather seasonality is just like Guam’s and current ocean conditions are usually very similar. Tourist traffic can fluctuate with other regions’ national holidays so Guam & U.S. travelers may occasionally be surprised to find hotels fully booked at unexpected times of the year.

Permits & Fees

  • Currency – US$ Dollars (USD)
  • Language – English & Chamorro
  • Outlets/voltage – US Standard outlets, 120V

Dive & Land permits

There are currently no permits required to dive in Saipan.

There are currently no permits required for land tours in Saipan.

Departure Fee

There are no departure fee’s required in Saipan.