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Virtual Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest


Due to Covid, this year’s UW Pumpkin Carving Contest will be Virtual.



Send photos of your Jack-O-Lantern to Mike@mdaguam.com

Photos will be posted on MDA’s social media.



 1. The pumpkin must not be cut before the divers get in the water.
2. Divers must make all cuts in the pumpkin underwater.
3. Divers cannot cut on the pumpkin after they exit the water.
4. Divers can pre-mark the pumpkin with a permanent marker before entering the water.
5. Divers cannot cut themselves or their buddies.
6. If divers use props for their pumpkin, they may be attached to the pumpkin after getting out of the water.
7. All cutting utensils and weights must be brought up with the diver.
8.No razors or box knives. Must be a safe knife with sheath. See Rule #5

• Remember, Pumpkins float. You have been warned…….

There are three groups for your Jack-O-Lanterns; 1. Scariest, 2. Original, 3 Most Creative. Then take some pictures, pick one of the three groups and email your photos to Mike@mdaguam.com


All photos must be emailed by October 27th. The photos will be on MDA’s Facebook page for everyone to vote (like) on the best Jack-O-Lantern.



Scariest” – Determined by the Judges– Open to anyone on island—Prize: one of three listed below

Original” — Determined by the Judges– Open to anyone on island—Prize: one of three listed below

Most Creative” — Determined by the Judges– Open to anyone on island—Prize: one of three listed below

Peoples’ Choice” – determined by most ‘likes’  — Everyone Eligible – Prize: Digital Award Certificate for bragging rights, no physical prize.  ** If  local you could win the “Peoples’ Choice” and a Judged Prize


Photos will be on MDA’s Facebook page. Everyone is encouraged to vote (like) for their favorite Jack-O-Lantern. You can like as many photos as you want. Get friends and family to vote for you. This is for the Peoples’ Choice award.


1. A Boat Coupon for any dive boat (Maximum value $125, min cert level applies)   

2. An XS Scuba Switch Mask Kit – https://www.xsscuba.com/switch-technology 

3. An Oceanic METRIC 3 Gauge Navigation Console –an AWESOME! prize but only in Metric 


The Three judged Prizes will be announced on October 31.

To win a prize you must be on Island.


**There will also be the MDA schwag bin where 20 resident contestants can win; t-shirts, keychains, gear, etc. To win a prize you must be on Island.**

Underwater Pumpkin Carving Class

We are still offering the MDA Underwater Pumpkin Carving Diver certification. If you are interested in this PADI certification, the class will be taught by Michelle Gay from Two Tanked Divers on Oct 24. There are two classes scheduled at 9 am and 12 pm. Students who take the class can submit their Jack-O-Lantern for the contest. Stop by the store or call 472-6321 ext 1 to sign up.


Rule #1

Get a Pumpkin

You can get any size pumpkin you want.

You can put your design on the pumpkin, but no cutting before diving.

The bigger the pumpkin, the more buoyant it is.


Rule #2

The Dive 

Plan your dive with your buddy. You and your pumpkin must be underwater to start carving. 

Helpful Hints

1. Be careful cutting your pumpkin     

2. Remember to check your air

3. Have your buddy take photos and videos of you carving your pumpkin. (This is just fun to see after the dive)


Rule #3

Post Dive 

After the dive, you can add to the pumpkin. 

Helpful Hints

1. Be creative

2. You can use accessories                    

3. Remember to take photos


Rule #4

Enter Contest

We will accept photos/videos of your underwater pumpkins till Oct 27

Winners will be announced Oct 31

1. Photos must be of pumpkins carved underwater

2. Photos 940x788px                              

3. Videos 1920x1080px

4. Email photos and videos to Mike@mdaguam.com