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Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest

October 28th Time 9:00 AM 

Location: MDA OASIS

Cost: $25.00 -Event T-shirt
Underwater Pumpkin carving Specialty Certification Cost-$50.00
BYOP – Bring Your Own Pumpkin & carving tools


Underwater Pumpkin Carving Class

We are offering the MDA Underwater Pumpkin Carving Diver certification. If you are interested in this PADI certification, the class will be taught by Michelle Gay from Two Tanked Divers at the event. Stop by the store or call 671 472-6321 ext 1 to sign up.


9:00 am Show Time 9:30 am Dive Briefing

9:45 am Enter water

10:00 am Go Time

11:00 am Out of water
11:30 am Judging Begins
12:00 pm Prizes will be awarded for each winning Pumpkin



Stop by MDA to sign up or give us a call 671 472-6321.

Divers are encouraged to dress up in costumes and have fun.

We will have three grand prizes and some small prizes 


CARVING RULES  (one pumpkin per  category)

 1. The pumpkin must not be cut before the divers get in the water.
2. Divers must make all cuts in the pumpkin underwater.
3. Divers cannot cut on the pumpkin after they exit the water.
4. Divers can pre-mark the pumpkin with a permanent marker before entering the water.
5. Divers cannot cut themselves or their buddies.
6. If divers use props for their pumpkin, they may be attached to the pumpkin after getting out of the water.
7. All cutting utensils and weights must be brought up with the diver.
8. No razors or box knives. Must be a safe knife with sheath. See Rule #5

• Remember, Pumpkins float. You have been warned…….



Traditional – All pumpkins in this category must be carved in a traditional Jack-O-Lantern patterns

Most Original – Use your imagination to come up with the most original creation from your pumpkin.

Scariest – Create the scariest pumpkin by carving pattern or adding props.


A panel of judges will determine the winners on the day of the event.



1. Neutral buoyancy is not your objective. Make sure you and your pumpkin have the right diving gear, like weights, to keep you both on the bottom.

2. Weight your tools so they don’t float to the surface—but bring a backup dive knife, just in case.

3. Practice above water. Carve a pumpkin or two a few days before the event. If you need some ideas, there are hundreds of pumpkin patterns available online. Stick to the simple ones—you won’t have a pattern on your underwater pumpkin.

4. Bring the right tools. Dive Knives work well for the big cuts, but are a little hard to use on the finer details. There are many pumpkin carving tools on the market. Be sure to have a dive bag for your tools, so they don’t float away.


FDX 10 Oceanic Reg

Someone will win an Oceanic regulator for carving a pumpkin. Sign me up!


Oceanic Atmos BCD Size Large

One size fits most who dare to enter the water. 


ProBlue Dive Bag 36x15x15in

You Can’t Believe How Much Stuff You Can Fit in There! (Body and Extras not incuded)


Pumpkin Carving RULES

Rule #1

Get a Pumpkin

You can get any size pumpkin you want.

You can put your design on the pumpkin, but no cutting before diving.

The bigger the pumpkin, the more buoyant it is.


Rule #2

The Dive 

Plan your dive with your buddy. You and your pumpkin must be underwater to start carving. 

Helpful Hints

1. Be careful cutting your pumpkin     

2. Remember to check your air

3. Have your buddy take photos and videos of you carving your pumpkin. (This is just fun to see after the dive)


Rule #3

Post Dive 

After the dive, you can add to the pumpkin. 

Helpful Hints

1. Be creative

2. You can use accessories                    

3. Remember to take photos


Happy Halloween