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Black Friday BBQ Boat Dive

November 24th Time 1:30 pM 

Location: Cabras Marina

Cost: $75.00 
Two Tank Dive

Barracuda Rock


American Tanker



Enjoy hot off-the-grill hot dogs and hamburgers between the dives. Stop by the store or call 671 472-6321 ext 1 to sign up.

November 24th

MDA stores Open at 8 AM Piti and 9 AM on Navy for all your diving needs at Black Friday Sale Prices so low we can advertise. Stop by get some great deals and dive the Black Friday BBQ Boat at 1:30 PM

8:00 am Piti Opens

9:00 am MDA Navy Opens
1:30 pm Black Friday BBQ Boat



8:00 AM

MDA PITI Opens for Black Friday!


9:00 AM

MDA Navy Opens for Black Friday!


1:30 PM

MDA Black Friday BBQ Boat Dive Cabras Marina  Barracuda Rock and American Tanker


Pumpkin Carving RULES

Rule #1

Get a Pumpkin

You can get any size pumpkin you want.

You can put your design on the pumpkin, but no cutting before diving.

The bigger the pumpkin, the more buoyant it is.


Rule #2

The Dive 

Plan your dive with your buddy. You and your pumpkin must be underwater to start carving. 

Helpful Hints

1. Be careful cutting your pumpkin     

2. Remember to check your air

3. Have your buddy take photos and videos of you carving your pumpkin. (This is just fun to see after the dive)


Rule #3

Post Dive 

After the dive, you can add to the pumpkin. 

Helpful Hints

1. Be creative

2. You can use accessories                    

3. Remember to take photos


Happy Halloween