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Manta Rays are what made Yap a world class divers destination but there’s also much, much more to see. Stunning south reefs, sharks, macro dives and a superb Mandarin fish dive. Dive sites are un-crowded, reefs are healthy and the diving itself is relaxing and with almost no current.

Yap’s culture is unique within Micronesia. Visitors can view giant stone discs, up to 12ft in diameter, that were once used as legal tender, or visit a village to watch or participate in a traditional dance.


United Airlines flys roundtrip to Yap two times a week.

Outgoing (Guam to Yap):
Depart 1230am Wednsday or Sunday.

Return (Yap to Guam):
Early AM Wednesday or Sunday

The people of Yap are warm, shy and proud of their culture, ancient traditions and fascinating legends. Yap is known as the “Land of Stone Money”, due to the ancient currency of huge disks of stone. The huge coins, some over 12 feet (3.5 meters) in diameter, are still used today in local and traditional customs. Dance is an art form on Yap through which legends are passed down through this form of entertainment.

The town of Colonia on Yap Proper is the capital and is slightly more urbanized than the village areas. Snorkeling and diving are popular in the crystal clear waters, where giant manta rays are known to school all year round.

When To Go

Yap is a great place to visit and dive year-round. If traveling for one of Yap’s great annual events be sure to plan and book reservations several months in advance:

Yap Day (March 1st) – An official island-wide holiday and the largest annual celebration of traditional Yapese culture. The date also falls within manta mating season, making manta sightings and activity especially high around this time. Rooms fill up quickly for the 2-3 weeks surrounding Yap Day – book several months in advance for the best chance of availability. A minimum 7 night stay is recommended.

MantaFest (Aug-Sep) – An annual photography festival including photo contests, presentations and seminars, and the opportunity to dive with professional photograpers and learn new photo skills both above and below the surface. For current dates and pricing see Upcoming Trips.

Yap Info

  • Currency – US$ Dollars (USD)
  • Language – English & Yapese
  • Outlets/voltage – US Standard outlets, 120V

Dive permits

There are currently no permits required to dive in Yap.

Departure Fee

Total $20, applicable to all travelers.

  • Must be paid at the airport upon departure.
  • Plan to pay in cash – exact change.